Sodium lignosulphonate

I Product Description:            our sodium lignosulphonate (MN) is  the extract of papermaking process with wheat straw pulp, which modifi

I Product Description:
           our sodium lignosulphonate (MN) is  the extract of papermaking process with wheat straw pulp, which modification reaction and spray-drying concentrated formed. Product is light yellow (brown) free flowing powder, soluble in water, chemically stable, long-term sealed storage is not broken down.
         The product is modified lignin sulfonate, which is retardation water-reducing agent ,powder and low-air-entraining, and it is a kind of nature anionic surfactant of high molecular polymer, they can absorb and disperse the cement, can improve a variety of physical properties of concrete. Can be re-dubbed in early strength agent, retarder, antifreeze, pumping agent etc., and compounded with naphthalene series high-performance water reducing admixture made a liquid admixture produced little or no precipitation.


Main Indicators:

Items & Indicator



Yellow Brown powder

Solid content




water insoluble 


pH value


Air content




II Main performance:

1 Sodium lignin sulfonate water-reducing agent dosage is 0.20-0.30% of the cement, reducing the water rate is 9-11%, 0.25%-mixed compared with the reference concrete 3 days strength increased by 20%, 7 days increased 15-20% , 28 days increased by 15%, long-term strength has also increased.


2 In the circumstances that cement content and water content using consistent with the reference concrete, can increase the collapsibility 2-4 times


3 In maintaining the concrete collapsibility and strength consistent with the reference concrete, can save 8-10% of cement, and save concrete 30-40 tons using 1 ton of sodium lignosulphonate.


4 In the standard state, may delay the initial setting time 2.5 hours of concrete and final setting time 3 hours, hydration heat peak delayed more than 5 hours and can be conducived to the summer construction, commercial concrete transportation and mass concrete works.

5 Lignin sulfonate water-reducing agent has a micro-air-entraining nature and can improve the concrete nature of impermeability, freezing, and thawing.

6  The agent have non-corrosion function after mixing of concrete .


III Usage

1  Can be used as concrete water reducer, suitable for the project :culverts, dams, reservoirs, airports and highway etc .

2  Wettable pesticides fillers and emulsifying agent;  the binder of fertilizer granulation, feed grain

3  Coal water slurry additive

4  Can be used for refractory materials, ceramics dispersed, bonding, water-reducing enhancer, improve yield 70% -90%

5  Can be used as geology, oil field, the consolidation of wall and oil exploration plugging agent

6  In boiler as detergents, recycling water quality stabilizer
7  Erosion control, sand-fixing agent
8  Used in electroplating, electrolysis, can make plating coat equality, non-tree patterns

9  In tanning industry as tanning aids
10  Used as a choosing ore  flotation agent and ore powder smelting ore bonder
11  Long-acting slow-release nitrogen fertilizer agents, highly active slow-release compound     fertilizer improved additive agent

12  Vatting dyes, dispersing dyes fillers, dispersing agents, acid dyes diluents .

13  For lead-acid batteries and alkaline battery cathode anti-shrinking agent , improve the battery low-temperature urgent discharge and usage life.


VI  Usage method

1  Mix 0.20-0.30% with cement,0.25% is recommend .

2  Powder can directly add to cement, sand, gravel ,and then mix dryly, add water to stirring after it regularly, mixing time should be appropriately extended

3  Powder can be prepared in advance with a certain concentration liquor, and then joined  in the form of aqueous, but note that the concrete total water consumption should deduct the water content which in the water-reducing agent liquor .


V  Packing and storage

1  Packing : Packed in plastic film bag wrapped with plastic woven sack with a net weight of 25kgs each, load 26MT in 40’HQ.

2  Guarantee quality period: two years, if extended, it can continue to use after passing the concrete test;
3  Kept in dry and ventilating pace, prevent from rain and moisture when storage; if agglomerated, please crush and make it solution. and its effect will be the same. 

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Jining Chiyuanji Import&Export Co., Ltd is a company which maily do import & export. the company is mainly based on concrete admixture. Such as : Polycarboxylate, naphthalene superplasticizer,sodium gluconate, dispersant,lignosulphonate and pure lignin. Our pure lignin gets high praise at domestic and abroad which abroad customer test lignin content 90%, additionally, our dispersant NNO,dispersant MF also enjoy good markets.



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