Dispersant NNO

1 . Property Appearance: Light-brown powderCompose: Naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensateIon type: Negative ionSolubility:Easy dissolve in water2 . The main technic standard ItemPara

1 . Property

Appearance: Light-brown powder
Compose: Naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate
Ion type: Negative ion
Solubility:Easy dissolve in water

2 . The main technic standard



Disperse power(standard product),%≥


Sodium sulfate content,%≤


PH value(1% water-solution)


Insolubles in water,%≤


Content of calcium and magnesium ion,ppm


3 . Performance and use:This product is light yellow to yellow-brown powder, an anionic surfactant. It is soluble in water, acid, alkali and hard water, good dispersion properties. With protein and polyamide fibers have affinity.Mainly used to coloring for vat dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, acid staining pad or pigment pad dyeing of the dispersing agent, as a auxiliaries for vat dyes's powder or sizing agent. Also used staining to levelling agent and auxiliary tanning agent in leather industry.

4 . Packing: 25KG Woven bag with plastis liner

5 . Innocuity , noninflammable , nonexplosive 

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Jining Chiyuanji Import&Export Co., Ltd is a company which maily do import & export. the company is mainly based on concrete admixture. Such as : Polycarboxylate, naphthalene superplasticizer,sodium gluconate, dispersant,lignosulphonate and pure lignin. Our pure lignin gets high praise at domestic and abroad which abroad customer test lignin content 90%, additionally, our dispersant NNO,dispersant MF also enjoy good markets.



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