Transportation of chemical raw materials

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Dangerous goods are generally of raw materials, intermediates, products of chemical industry, transportation is the main methods for physical and chemical properties of related products to choose, if it is a production, trade or logistics enterprises, the need to transport dangerous goods, first of all to have the product MSDS (material safety data sheet), products are divided into three states solid liquid gas, solid generally only with lorries to transport, only gaseous pressure cylinder or pressure tank, liquid products and flexible transport, because of its great temperature relationship on it transport has the following options: the viscosity of the barrel after lorries or general transportation heating tanker transportation; viscosity and water to steam...

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Jining Chiyuanji Import&Export Co., Ltd is a company which maily do import & export. the company is mainly based on concrete admixture. Such as : Polycarboxylate, naphthalene superplasticizer,sodium gluconate, dispersant,lignosulphonate and pure lignin. Our pure lignin gets high praise at domestic and abroad which abroad customer test lignin content 90%, additionally, our dispersant NNO,dispersant MF also enjoy good markets.



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